The Clinic

The Almeida Theatre – 2022

Wunmi is a burnt out activist. On the verge of collapse, she turns to a nurse, Ore, for help. Ore welcomes Wunmi in her her parents’ home – upstanding citizens who are dedicated to serving their community. But her presence soon disrupts the family unity and cracks start to appear. Has Wunmi walked into a refuge or a trap?

We shot three images for the campaign. The flammes ripping through the portraits are inspired by the fire references in the script, such as ‘There are flames in your eyes, telling me you’re going to be a wildfire’.

The embrace image teases the friction between care and control in the play – ‘My life’s in your hands. When it’s that way, ain’t it always a game to the one in control?’ Wunmi is being nursed by Ore, but the look in her eyes suggest things are not as they appear.

Photography by Sebastian Nevols