Dramatic Progress Exhibition

Freelance – 2018

Curated by Naomi Paxton (bottom picture), this exhibition in the National Theatre Lyttleton Lounge celebrated 100 years since the passing of the Representation of the People Act 1918 which allowed some women in the UK to vote for the first time. It highlighted how the Votes for Women campaign was championed by actresses and writers from the Edwardian times, including the Actresses’ Franchise League and the Women Writers’ Suffrage League, who used their craft to help share the ideas of the movement.

I took inspiration from the ribbon the Suffragette wore to create a thread connecting the different stories in the show: from Edith Garud, the actress who taught jujitsu to fellow Sufragettes, to the actresses who invited the audience into pop up prison cells to hear their stories.

Punch and Judy illustration by me.